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Usage of used hardwood floor

Wood flooring has 10+ years lifetime in normally speaking, but accident like flooding or over explore under sunlight may shorten its time. People usually forced to replace it with brand new hardwood. However, some of the wood flooring got abandon just because they look old and dull, or off trend. Then what can we do with used hardwood?

People may think these used wood flooring could be nothing but materials of strove or throw into garbage bag, in fact that is not a full mark answer. They could be transformed to useful tool after a few steps of modifying.

1. Bookend

It is painful moment when you cannot hold your book and documents tight and clear, then a bookend could solve your problem. Good quality wood flooring has a tough body and beautiful pattern, which is a prefect match of being a bookend. The production process is not hard, prepare two pieces of used hardwood with same size, after measuring the width you like and cut one of it in two, glue those two pieces with the other un-cut hardwood to form a “X” symbol. Smoothen the edges with a saw and nail a thin iron sheet to hold it, then all work is done.

2. Planter

Plant is necessary element for a balcony or even backyard, then how can we put more within a small space of area? Build a planter! Install a stainless steel bracket on the wall side of the balcony, then put used hardwood on it as shelf, all done!

Next time when you have these “garbage”, maybe you could create another method to reuse it, instead of throw it away anyways.

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