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How to Keep Your Wood Flooring Dry and New

1. Installation

The installation of wood flooring could not be casually done, there is a main concern of humidity problem. As suggestion given out all wood materials should be stocked within 16℃ to 18℃ for two days before the installation. Best environment choice would a sunny day and do not start the installation until the wood flooring materials are dried totally.

2. Humidity Changing

Wood flooring very sensitive to moisture level, it will become mildewed and deformed in high moisture level. In stuffy weather, vapour on the floor should be wiped by dry towel and turn on air-conditioner’s dehumidification. After all, keep the room with well ventilation.

3. Clearance

Daily clearance is a main duty for wood flooring, normal dirt could be clean up with dry towel, though when water has to come into the play, suggesting that use a wet towel and open up window for better ventilation afterward.

4. Waxing

The most important step of wood flooring maintenance is waxing, it is not only keep the sharpness and brightness of them but reduce the wetness and extend the usage life. Therefore, It should be monthly routine if time is available.

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